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In every implementation of a microscopy application, your system’s requirements are very individual and so are your expectations. Benefit from Basler’s high-quality cameras with all necessary components at your fingertips for a comfortable system set-up and easy installation. Rely on precise and reliable imaging, as well as on professional software for image acquisition and analysis.


Highlights at a glance:

Basler Microscopy pulse – Reliable lightweight

The Basler Microscopy pulse cameras with resolutions between 1.2 MP and 5 MP come with USB 3.0 as standard interface. The established Aptina CMOS sensor technology offers accurate and reproducible results for a broad range of standard light microscopy applications. Your benefits include:

  • Cost-efficiency and ease of use
  • USB 2.0 backward compatibility for maximum system flexibility
  • High frame rates for smooth live viewing, fast focusing and sample screening
  • Optimized image enhancement and color adjustment algorithms for outstanding color reproduction and brilliant contrasts

Basler Microscopy ace – Exceptional performance of Sony PREGIUS sensors 

The Basler Microscopy ace cameras feature Sony’s latest-generation IMX CMOS sensors. The Basler Microscopy ace models, with resolutions up to 2.3 MP (and 5 MP soon to come), achieve a new level of image quality, thus being the ideal choice for moderate to challenging microscopy applications in life sciences, diagnostics, materials science and engineering technology, forensics and many others. Your benefits include:

  • Exceptional price/performance ratio
  • Outstanding image quality with excellent light sensitivity and very high dynamic range
  • Ultra-high frame rates of up to 82 fps for smooth live video preview, fast focusing and sample screening even at full resolution
  • Newly implemented image enhancement and color adjustment algorithms for exceptional color reproduction, as well as precise and reliable true-to-life results
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